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Keratosis Pilaris

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HI all,

I am wondering if anyone else has dealt with keratosis pilaris with their kids? It is exzema related rash that is goosebump in appearance. My son's is only getting worse (5 yo) and I am investigating if there are outside causes. They day it is heriditary and not curable but I feel there has to be some help for both is red skin appearance and the bumps?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


Mama to Aidan and Gray in North Carolina

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    • Hey! I have KP - it showed up around your ds's age. And it got TONS worse during pregnancy and after birth.

      Be very careful with him in the sun - a sunburn can make it worse, and it doesn't get better when the burn goes away. Also, don't pick at, squish, rub off, scrub, or exfoliate, that just irritates it too!

      Some people have success with elimination of dairy (and soy), but it only controls it, does not eliminate KP.

      Using a mild soap (cetaphil?) instead of regular or baby soap, using cooler water - no hot baths, and bathing every other day will help with the skin, as will keeping it moisturized. The extra bathing dries out skin faster, as does soap.

      There is a lotion that your derm can prescribe that contains lactose (I think, it's been a while since I used it) that helps some people as well.

      For me, I've just come to terms with my bumps and go on my way. I was never really teased about it, and it was on my face and arms. Now it's on my face (jaw), upper and lower arms, shoulders, and legs thanks to pregnancy hormones!

      But honestly, it may seem so obvious to you and ds, but most people won't even notice it.


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    • Oops forgot.. for many people it seems to go away by age 30. My mom and grandmom have the softest smoothest arms ever! 30 is OLD by 5 yr old standards, but I'm almost there, and while I suspect 30 isn't the magic number for me (I'll be 28 this week and still bumpy!) I know that it will go away sooner or later.
      #2; Tue, 11 Dec 2007 17:08:00 GMT